Application Form

The completed application form shall be submitted with the following supporting materials as listed in electronic format on or before 23:59 (GMT+8), 10 June 2020.

    1. A link to an one-minute video (English voice-over or sub-title must be incorporated into the video to facilitate judging), demonstrating the operation of the applying smart app, with the video hosted on, for example, corporate website, Youtube, Tudou, etc.
    2. A copy of valid Business Registration of the entrant or equivalent supporting document;
    3. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the entrant or equivalent supporting document;
    4. Fill in all columns titled with *; and
    5. Attachments or supplementary information (if any)

Part (A) Entrant Information

Part (B) Entry Information


Native AppHybrid AppWeb App

(can select more than one option)

(Note: English sub-titles or voice-over are required)

(max. 120 words)

Please state special features of the Applying App with respect to the following judging criteria where appropriate (English) (max. 100 words)

Part (C) Other Parties Involved in the Applying Entry

Part (D) Declaration

I/We hereby declare that

  • the above entry is submitted ONLY to the one Award category in the entire Asia Smart App Awards 2020.
  • the above entry participates in the “Asia Smart Apps Awards” (the Contest) according to the “Rules and Regulations” of the Contest as stated in
  • I/we own the intellectual property rights of the above entry (the applying App) mentioned in this Form, OR we are granted by the owner(s) of the applying App the rights to use, OR we have obtained the endorsement from all other related parties of the applying App, in order to participate in the Contest.
  • I/we understand the transfer of Personal Data including (i) Organisation/Company Name (ii) Name of contact person (iii) Contact phone (iv) Email-address (v) Entry Description
  • I/we authorize the Organizer the right to use the submitted materials for the Contest and its related promotional activities.
  • Upon request by the Organiser, I/We shall provide relevant information and documentary proof (such as records of company registration, delivery of product, patent, etc.).
  • I/we understand that violation to any eligibility criteria will result in the disqualification of the above entry, even if such violation is identified at a very late stage when the entry has been accepted as an official entry or even announced to be a winning entry.
  • the information and particulars provided in this application form are accurate, true and complete, and the above entry conforms to all general eligibility requirements and rules and regulations.

Please ☑ if appropriate:

I/We confirm that my/our entry for Asia Smart App Awards 2020 has won the Asia Smart App Awards (formerly known as “Asia Smartphone Apps Contest”) in previous years with further information given as below.

Award Year (1)
Award Category (1)
Entry name (1)

Award Year (2)
Award Category (2)
Entry name (2)

I/We pronounce that for the entry that has won any award(s) in previous editions of the Asia Smart App Awards (formerly known as "Asia Smartphone Apps Contest"), it has significant improvement(s) and/or new component(s) according to the judging criteria as underneath.

Please ☑ either one:

The entry has not been applied for any patent; orThe entry has been applied for patent, with the following information:

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above Terms.*